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SwiftCache Lite helps your customers to

lower operating cost with bandwidth savings

provide more bandwidth-hungry contents, such as videos to entice users

increase Quality of Experience (QoE) for your users with faster web loading

add more users to your network without overloading it

monitor and control the sites your users are visiting

protect your users from malicious contents (including but not limited to phishing, fraud, exploits)

Organizations Worldwide trust SwiftCache Lite


  • Allows effective and easy management of several caches with Cluster management function
  • Access reports in the below categories to facilitate management reporting and decision making including:
    • Traffic (Network Throughput, Cache Throughput, Request Rates, Connection Stats, 95th Percentile etc)
    • Top 100 (Top Sites Traffic, Requests; Top Clients Traffic, Requests etc)
    • System (Disk IO, Disk, CPU, Memory Usage etc)
    • Performance (Hit Rates, Response Codes, Object Distribution, Time to First Byte etc)

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