How You Can Get Faster Internet

Web cache servers eliminate the stress related to slower Internet connections by storing website content and serving it through the local network. There is no need to worry about lagging web pages or network congestion—reliable caches improve bandwidth speed, monitor web usage and deliver faster web access.

SwiftCache Lite’s content filtering function allows you to control your end-users’ access to different websites and at the same time protect them from malicious contents.

But how does it work?

The Caching Process

SwiftCache Lite is a Caching as a Service developed from SwiftCache, a proven Carrier-grade transparent caching technology. It is a trusted brand by our clients for its high performance and value it creates. It can cache virtually any type of HTTP traffic. Increasingly, video content accounts for the majority of internet traffic and bandwidth requirements.

It can operate in 2 different modes:

In semi-transparent mode, SwiftCache Lite and hardware intercepts the traffic without the client being aware – the client sees the origin’s IP address. However, all requests to the origin are made by the cache, with its own IP address, so the origin only sees one address for all requests from all clients routed through the cache. In fully transparent mode, the cache is effectively invisible: both the client and the origin see each other’s addresses (SwiftCache Lite and hardware spoofs the client’s address). Virtually all SwiftCache Lite and hardware deployments are fully transparent.

A Better Experience with Caching Servers

SwiftCache Lite does more than resolve your ‘how to get faster internet?’ concerns. While caching offers a faster way to browse the web, it also transforms your current Quality of Service (QoS). In fact, different industries can also benefit from the following:

  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with better QoS gain an edge of the competition and also resolve subscriber churn
  • Schools can improve student engagement during online learning by reducing loading time for videos or other educational tools online
  • Enterprises protects its employees from malicious contents which might affect their productivity
  • Businesses such as retail outlets, hotels and Internet cafés can provide customers with reliable and secure connections while enjoying savings

SwiftCache Lite: A Trusted Choice

Our carrier-grade transparent caching technology is a proven solution that delivers results. Our content filtering software does not just save you bandwidth; it also offers elastic scalability, reduced capital expenditures and operations costs, as well as a hassle-free upgrade and maintenance.

Improve your Internet speed and protect users from malicious content with reliable and efficient software. Get in touch with us today to receive a free trial or to learn more about the product’s features.

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