Hardware Requirements

td{ padding: 5px;} Processor 3x Intel 64bit Xeon CPU Cores @2.2Ghz Memory 6GB RAM Hard drive 250GB storage for system software and cache logs 3x 500GB or larger dedicated HDD for cache content Network Interface 1G Operating System CentOS 7 Notes: These minimum requirements are based on a typical fixed line workload running on a lightly contended virtualised platform. We advise against the use of SSDs as the sustained write workload leads to a very short lifespan. We recommend the use of high quality Intel server NICs. Performance of Sw...
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How You Can Get Faster Internet

Web cache servers eliminate the stress related to slower Internet connections by storing website content and serving it through the local network. There is no need to worry about lagging web pages or network congestion—reliable caches improve bandwidth speed, monitor web usage and deliver faster web access. SwiftCache Lite’s content filtering function allows you to control your end-users’ access to different websites and at the same time protect them from malicious contents. But how does it work? The Caching Process SwiftCache Lite is a Caching as a Service developed from SwiftCach...
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SwiftCache Lite can help you to

lower operating cost with bandwidth savings provide more bandwidth-hungry contents, such as videos to entice users increase Quality of Experience (QoE) for your users with faster web loading add more users to your network without overloading it monitor and control the sites your users are visiting protect your users from malicious contents (including but not limited to phishing, fraud, exploits)
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