Different Types of Caching and Their Differences

  In today’s post, we are looking on the different types of caching for different scenarios. Cache, as explained in our previous blog posts, is simply a temporary storage space which allows users to access content more quickly. User experience is thus improved due to faster access speed. For the service providers, a straightforward benefit is that it saves on bandwidth costs. If you have missed out on our past blog posts and wishes to know more about the importance of cache technology, here are the links again – Web Cache: The Need For Speed, The Importance Of Transparent Caching. I...
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The Importance of Transparent Caching

  High bandwidth costs and heavy network infrastructure investments have been a paramount problem for most service providers as internet traffic continues to grow. Most of the traffic is predominantly driven by video/OTT content; more often than not caused by viral videos generated by users that resulted in thousands, or even millions of views within a short span of time. This is coupled with the ever-growing mobile audience where users expect to access content whenever they want, wherever they go; and with considerable speed. So how do service providers strike a balance in provi...
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Web Cache: The Need for Speed

  Hola! This is SwiftCache Lite’s very first blog post and we are super excited to introduce the awesomeness of cache technology to you and your business! To get everyone warmed up for it, we will introduce the most basic, yet also one of the most crucial benefits of web caching – SPEED. But before we dive right into today’s topic, there is a more compelling question that needs to be answered; who or what business needs web caching? In most cases, that will point to the Internet/Wifi Service Providers, Education Institutes, e-Commerce businesses, Hotels, Gaming (including LAN gam...
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