About the Company

Delivering a better web experience is easier with the right tools. Fortunately, SwiftCache Lite is by your side.

We understand the problems that come with slow Internet speeds. The local network deserves more than lagging videos and online platforms, which are necessary for businesses, educational facilities, and other industries. With our web cache servers, companies and institutions benefit from higher bandwidths, as well as safer Internet browsing.

What is SwiftCache Lite?

SwiftCache Lite is a Caching as a Service version of SwiftCache and is also powered by a caching technology from Conversant Solutions Pte Ltd. We empower businesses and facilities by lowering operating costs and promoting faster Internet through quality caching solutions.

What Sets Us Apart

Our proven carrier-grade transparent caching technology software works well with any existing hardware. It also helps you achieve at least 30% to 50% of bandwidth savings. Our quality software is designed to deliver better performance and versatile caching for you and your clients/users.

We improve online browsing by delivering faster web access to your users. In return, this increases Quality of Experience (QoE), which keeps clients, partners and students trusting your online services.

The Internet is also a minefield of unsafe and questionable content. Our content caching services protect users from malicious content (including but not limited to fraud, phishing and exploits). It also keeps younger users, such as students, safe from inappropriate websites that deal with pornography or gambling.

The answer to the traditional question ‘how can I make the internet run faster?’ is simple: SwiftCache Lite. Spare yourself from bandwidth speed and online safety concerns with software you can trust.

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