Carrier-grade Transparent Caching Technology

Helps you to

  • achieve bandwidth savings of at least 30%-50%
  • enhance your protection against malicious contents
  • improve Quality of Experience (QoE) for your users
  • monitor and control web usage
  • filter undesirable contents
  • achieve bandwidth savings of at least 30%-50%
SwiftCache Lite is a Proven Carrier-Grade Transparent Caching Technology available via Pay-per-Use Software Service with your existing hardware!
SwiftCache Lite provided an immediate solution to our bandwidth consumption and to the customers’ quality-of-experience problems. In addition, with the SwiftCache Lite reporting dashboard, we now have a good sense of traffic trends. This has enabled us to do much smarter network planning and operations management.”

Dr Viriya
Chief Technical Officer of True Corporation

“We have deployed SwiftCache Lite to all Universities in Malaysia and it helps the Universities to save more than 45% of their bandwidth costs monthly. This product also allows the universities to block categories of websites that should not be accessed and users are protected from malicious contents. Mobile Lab is able to get in new customers from this proven technology and testimonials and also have recurring monthly revenue from the Caches deployed. SwiftCache Lite also expands our product offerings to our current customers and reduce churn rate.”

Mr. Nicholas Lim
CEO of Mobile Labs
lower operating cost with bandwidth savings
provide more bandwidth-hungry contents, such as videos to entice users
increase Quality of Experience (QoE) for your users with faster web loading
add more users to your network without overloading it
monitor and control the sites your users are visiting
protect your users from malicious contents (including but not limited to phishing, fraud, exploits)
2. What is your monthly bandwidth cost?

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